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No delivery on Goods from gunner79

DON'T do business with this guy! Sent him $65.00 for a YHM flip up sight and weeks later no response or sight. He can't find the tracking number and he didn't insure the sight. He has quite a few negative comments in the feedback thread. Either the guy does this on purpose or he's just very unlucky. I wrote it off as a loss. I don't have time to deal with it! Here's the last correspondance:

So I'm guessng no tracking number, right? With all due respect, if you were to refund anything it should be the whole amount, after all, you as the person mailing it should have A, insured it , and B, kept the tracking number. Were I in your situation that's what I would have done. It's the proper thing to do.

Think about it for a second, I sent you money for something you can't even prove existed or was mailed to me. You recieved my money with no problem, that was my end of the bargain. I have not recieved the sight, that was your end. You should have been able to refund my money and haggle with the carrier on your end for the loss of the alleged sight if you had insured it and were able to track it.

I'll be honest with you, had I read all your negative comments on the feedback board I probably would not have done business with you. You have a lot on there and I'm inclined to believe they can't all be crazy or wrong. I'm really not expecting to recieve the sight or any money, especially the full amount, which I feel I'm entitled to. So just keep it. I don't have time or patience for the back and forth. I've made my peace with it! I had a bad feeling this would happen from the beginning.

If by some chance the sight shows up or you're able to track it and square it away with the USPS, or send my money back, then an apology is in order.



Originally Posted by gunner79
give it a few more days. if it doesnt show ill refund half your money
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