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Originally Posted by Paul Morceau
I read an article today in the American Rifleman about the use of Jacketed Pistol Bullets with sabots in Black Powder rifles. Has anyone tried this? My CVA has a 1/48 barrel. Am I pretty much limited to round ball ammunition.
Originally Posted by Rifleman1776
A muzzle loader using a patched, pure soft lead, round ball is an excellent killer. All the fantasies about 'penetration' , knock-down-power, sectional density do not kill any better than a well placed prb.
Medium and faster twist barrels are pre-civil war technology. They do have some advantages over the slow twist round ball barrels.
It's not about using round balls for ammunition as much as it's about the rate of barrel twist which tends to favor shooting conical bullets with heavier powder charges that are used for hunting and longer distance shooting.
That was proven during the Civil War by snipers.
No one thinks that a round ball isn't lethal or won't work. The OP simply wanted to know if he could shoot saboted bullets with his 1/48" barrel twist rate. The answer is yes.
Whether round balls can kill or not doesn't address that original question. And I doubt that any Civil War General would have told his soldiers to only shoot round balls.
Which ammunition folks choose to shoot with depends on their gun.

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