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1986 a year that will live in infamy

I was a Firearms Dealer from 1978 - 1987. It was a spin off of being a Gunsmith. I was coaxed into a 3 SOT. I agree with the previous poster who commented about the adjusted Transfer Tax. $200.00 in 1935 is not the same as $200.00 in 2011. Hell, you can't take a family of (4) to dinner and a ball game for $200.00. Even if the Transfer Tax was adjusted it still won't happen.
This is a case where we lost something and will never get it back. The NRA gave it away, Reagan didn't see it as a game changer in the Polls. The majority of the Firearms community saw it as a "bone" they could throw because it didn't affect them. "If it's not what I'm into it's not important." It was the 80s, possibly the most self centered social mentality of my lifetime. I saw MAC-10s go from $300.00 + Transfer to $3600.00 overnight!! Did we learn anything, or will "the herd" give up it's own to the Wolves again? Only time will tell. As for me, I don't hunt, but, I will defend hunters rights to my last breath. I pray they will do the same for my SBR/SBS or Suppressor rights.
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