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Originally Posted by Rifleman1776
The right combo will work. But, I have to ask, "why?". There are only theoretical gains, if any.
I don't agree that the gains from using saboted bullets are only theoretical.

1. The better sectional density of the smaller [but heavier] caliber bullet will provide an increase in penetration verses the larger diameter (but lighter) patched round ball. That translates into the better possibility of a pass through shot and that an angle shot will do more lethal damage to large game.
More penetration can create a longer wound channel into vital organs that the PRB might not even be able to reach.

2. Saboted bullets tend to very consistently shoot to the same point of impact with heavy hunting loads from a cold, clean barrel. That can't always be said to hold true for a patched round ball from a 1 in 48" twist barrel that's loaded with a similar powder charge.

Experimentation can show which loads will shoot better from an individual gun and whether any potential gains are real or just imaginary.

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