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Ah, Fresno! Raisin capital of the world. Center of the San Joaquin Valley, one of the most intensively farmed areas of the world, and a migratory bird hunter's paradise. I assumed (hoped?) that this judge was a Fresnan and might even do some hunting and fishing. Don't know if he does, but he has an excellent feel for legality.

How much will this change? Well, it cancels 1 February as the activation date for AB 962. And until he has issued a written opinion, no appeal is possible, so I can shoot up my stock of range ammo and order more on the internet. Will this decision be appealed? My guess is yes but, as long as I am guessing, it will fail.

Always rebuff those who point to Tucson as a reason for ammunition control. Loughner purchased his ammunition legally, and EVEN IF AB 962 WERE ALREADY IN EFFECT IN CALIFORNIA, he could have done so here. We must look elsewhere for the problem -- and its solution.

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