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I was looking at original antique guns... mostly chambered for original cartridges, but for example if an old 32-20 could be chambered for 32 H&R Mag, or 38-40 gun chambered for 44 special etc... no issues there ??? No issues there; but 32-20 and 38-40 are good Cowboy rounds to begin with. no rimfires ??? Correct smallest bore acceptable is 32 ??? correct

also do I understand, that all must be lever or pump, & chambered in handgun rounds ??? Correct, rifles must be in pistol caliber so 32-40 & original cartridges like that are not allowed ??? Correct. 32-40 is not a pistol caliber round

not alot of Lightning users ??? or is the gun just not competitive... Colt Lightnings have had their issues. For the most part, they are not competetive or reliable out of the box. There are a few smiths around that can make them sing, and a few competitors that can do the same with a worked over one.

BTW... got a link to the website to look for events ??? my browser is acting goofy, & won't connect me. Go here & click on your state then click on the clubs nearest to you to see when they shoot
Best advice I can give is to attend a few matches, see what others are using, ask questions, and try as many guns as you can. I'll guarantee that most participants will offer to let you try their guns on for size.

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