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thanks for the replys...

so how about custom guns... er well chamberings anyway... I'm buddys with an extremely good old retired gunsmith, who does alot of projects for me, as I'm not "too picky" & just to keep busy...

I was looking at original antique guns... mostly chambered for original cartridges, but for example if an old 32-20 could be chambered for 32 H&R Mag, or 38-40 gun chambered for 44 special etc... no issues there ??? no rimfires ???smallest bore acceptable is 32 ???

also do I understand, that all must be lever or pump, & chambered in handgun rounds ??? so 32-40 & original cartridges like that are not allowed ???

not alot of Lightning users ??? or is the gun just not competitive...

& honestly being "being competitive" is not something I'd need to worry about... having fun is more like all I could accomplish... so times like 10-20 seconds seem like goals, not something in the mear seconds

BTW... got a link to the website to look for events ??? my browser is acting goofy, & won't connect me... ( about time to replace this older laptop )
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