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suggestions for a "new" cowboy rifle... & questions for the "cowboys"

I don't currently do Cowboy action... but find it interesting... could see myself doing it on occasion... I'd like to get your guys opinions on rifle choices... to me it doesn't really matter the caliber I already load for 32 S&W, 32-20, 32 H&R Mag, ( I assume 32 -40 is out ), 38 S&W, 38 special, 357 mag, 44 special, 44 Mag

personally I'd like to find something "traditional" & not something brand new... I'd rather have an older worn rifle & have my local builder check it over for reliable function & slick up everything, & come to the table with something that looks period, than something that looks like I just took it out of the box...

not sure of all the models available, or what types of sights are exceptable ( peep sights ok ?? ) saw a couple Marlin 44's that already had peeps on them... from my understanding of the game, I'd probably unscrew the apature & use it as a ghost ring, if that were exceptable ???

they shoot 10 shots at that stage ??? so the longer barrel guns with at least 10 round capacity are better than those with less capacity ??? only pumps & levers are exceptable ??? BTW... I'm not wanting to spend a fortune on a fun gun, looks like $600 - $700 is new prices for reasonable guns like the Marlins & Henry's... are the Rossi's good enough out of the box to really play ???

so... your thoughts ??? caliber & gun for under $700.00
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