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Pistol bullets in a 1-48 twist muzzleloader.

Don't waste your money on expensive jacketed bullets. I have used the Lyman 215 gr. 44 cast bullet in a 1-48 twist muzzleloader. Be sure to use a sabot made for the 44 cal. bullet. The short 215 gr. bullet works best with that twist. The heavier bullets such as the 240 or 250 gr. bullets are too long to stabilize in that twist. I was getting 3" to 4" groups at a 100 yards with 75 gr. FFG Goex BP, for me that was good enough for 100 yard deer hunting. I'm sure it will do better with some tweeking of powder charges. The Lyman 215 is a GC design bullet. I don't use the GC. I think the inexpensive Lee 214 gr 44mold would work well also.
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