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i have a .44 mag revolver that i would like to know its dob. i dont know the model but serial # is n397xxx
It would be a model 29.
The N3xxxxx range ran in 1975/76.

Serial number is 258214.

I'm guessing an old K frame, but don't know for sure.
Yeah, it's a K frame. A Military & Police Model of 1905, 4th Change.
Serial numbers ran from 241704 in 1915 to 999999 in 1942. That one would be within the first few years of production.

I'm trying to date a 4" barrel double-action S&W .38 S/N 125XXX. It belonged to my grandfather who used it when he worked for Louisiana Game & Fish pre WWII. Any ideas?
Need more info. Does it say 38 special or just 38 S&W on the barrel. Is it a Top Break revolver (barrel hinges down to load/unload) or a modern swing out cylinder gun? If a top break, does it have an exposed or concealed hammer?

I've been given two different dates for the DOB of my model 10-7. I've heard 1971 and 1981. Could someone confirm the correct date please?

Serial 8D001XX
1981. Serial numbers that year ran from 7D10001 to 9D44500.

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