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I don’t know how much help this will be, last year I bought a Ruger Black hawk 45 colt. I bought a Lee 452-252 SWC mold, the bullets shot very well. About $20.00 for the Lee mold.
But I use a Lyman 450. The Lee Bullets would not hold much lube, so I also tumble lubed them. As I said the Ruger liked the bullets weight and design, but I am not a fan of the TL method.
I sold the mold and bought the Lyman 452424 – 255Gr SWC. These bullets shoot great too. But have wider / deeper lube grooves,
My point being, Lee molds are very cheap, and I have used several in the past to find a similar Lyman or RCBS mold design I liked.
You may loose a couple bucks on the resale of the Lee mold.
But still cheaper than mailing bullets back and forth.
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