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best rifle

how a rifle recoils is different with each person,,also design of the rifle can change felt recoil.a M-1a has a strait wood stock,, the 91__ fn-fal series both have pistol grips,,i think the whole debate on recoil can partialy fixed by getting a rifle that fits you ,i have a H&K-91 that i bought back in 1978,,it was a real german H&K imported by saco.before H&K was bringing in there own.I put a H&K 21 machinegun stock on it and a DTA muzzle break on it,, recoil is almost none existant,
also the G3 the father of all this was designed to throw the brass a long way away,,so you wouldnt have a nice shiney pile next to your foxhole when fighting,

as a question on the PTR,
they are now selling a PTR_91PDW,,a 8.375 barrel..
i already own a H&K-51 sear gun..just thought a semi auto might be fun,,anyone read anything on this or any information would be very thankfully accepted..

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