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Several guns, need some help

My friend acquired 6 guns from a neighbor a few days before he died. He has no desire to own these and I'm trying to help him get an idea on what he can expect.

These guns were stored in a storage shed here in Florida, so conditions on all guns a "decent for their age and climate"

1 - Ballester-Molina 1911 clone, no grip safety, serial 379XX

2 - Stevens 67E 12 gauge, serial number E8106XX

3 - Marlin 782 .22WMR, serial number 26647XXX

4 - Traditions Deer Hunter, .54 BP w/ composite stock, serial 4-13-001980-XX

5 - Norinco SKS, serial number 094XX

6 - Mauser, Turkish, model 1893, made 1894, converted 1935, serial 140XX

Thanks for any help
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