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HK MP5 Clone needs help

I picked up a new toy at the Indy gun show this weekend. It's a Clone MP5 made by BOBCAT out of Arizona. It’s used and in good shape and had a LOT of additional parts.
It came with 3 different stocks, 3 different forgrips, different sights and other stuff.
I didn’t see it until I got home, but I also found a small bag in one of the pouches in the gun case it came with. It was marked HK and it is the following.

It said it was a HK German MP5K/PDW Or SP-89 This is the locking piece that is used when using a suppressor. Factory Recommended 80 degree locking piece.
The gun that I have has the long barrel with the shroud that looks like a suppressor, anyone know what other use this piece might be used for.
Any help from the HK experts would be appreciated.
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