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So I'm reading Lady Florentia Sale's book

A Journal of the Disasters in Afghanistan. She was married to General Sale, who was posted up there.

A poor woman, a Mrs. Smith, the wife of a conductor, was traveling up the Bolan pass to Kandahar, with a few suwars as a guard. She was attacked by the Belooches; the suwars fled, Mrs. Smith got out of her palkee and ran a short distance, but was soon overtaken and killed; the body was not plundered, and her rings were found on her fingers, and her earrings in her ears; not that they committed the act from hatred to the Feringhees and disdain of plunder, but that, according to the superstition of these tribes, it is a most unlucky circumstance to kill a woman; and finding their victim of the gentle sex, the fled, and left her as she fell.
Suwars, troopers (cavalrymen)
palkee, palanquin
Feringhees, europeans

Interesting how over a century and a half later, some folks think nothing of killing a woman there today.
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