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New Traditions Vortek Pistol

Just bought one on Gun Broker from a dealer. Have shot it a few times and found mine was shooting approx. 4" high at 35 yards. No amount of rear sight adjustment could compensate. I suppose I could have sent it back but since I have spare sights and the means to work on it I wound up removing the front sight and putting a taller front sight on. After some test shots with it the taller sight appears to have solved the problem. That problem aside, the pistol appears to be very consistent on shot placement. Recoil felt greater than my 44 mag with the heavier loads I initially tried. (My 44 is a Super Redhawk which is heavier than the Vortek) I brought the charge down to 40grn of 777 and that is more manageable. So far I really like the Vortek pistol but I'm going to have to spend some more time shooting it to determine the best load not only for accuracy but penetration as well. My plan is to use it next muzzleloader season.
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