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I think in many instances shooting the attacker isn't the primary option because in spite of CCW most individuals in the vicinity of the shooter are unarmed.
Right. Shooting the bad guy isn't just not a primary option, but is no option at all if you don't have a gun.

Situations like that seem like a no-win to me. If I understand Double-Naught's point correctly - that there are situations in which we may have need of responses other than firearms, and that they can have some success if employed with rational thinking and a commitment to positive action - is a point well worthy of consideration.
Bingo. If you do have to respond in such a manner, just like if you decided to draw your gun and engage the shooter, it is something that needs to be done in a smart manner and how that appears to have been mostly manifest in previous incidents is by waiting for a lull in the shooting that signified the shooter was empty/unloaded.

McCowan was an armed CCW guy who responded at Tacoma Mall, but did not respond smartly and he was shot several times.

So with a gun or without, how you respond certainly may determine how well things turn out. Tackling is an option that primarily unarmed people have used at numerous past events and with a goodly amount of success, success being tied to how well they took advantage of the shooter's shortcomings (orientation, not ready to fire).
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