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From Marlin owners forum:

The Black Death Challenge Target, which is shot at 25Yds, consist of five targets, white circles on black backgrounds. The white circles range in size from 1 1/2" down to 1/2" and have point values ranging from 1 Point for the largest circle up to 10 Points for the smallest circle. A total of Five shots can be taken at any combination of the five targets. Any shot that cuts the black background surrounding the white circles voids the entire target (i.e. NO Score), thus "The Black Death Target".

So, you can play it conservative and put all five shots into the 1 1/2" circle and earn a big 5 points, OR you can attempt to "Max" the BDT by putting all five shots "Inside" the 1/2" circle and earn your "Order Of the White Feather" designation.
Looks challenging.
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