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Why not .308? Extremely common caliber, well known ballistics so lots of easy to find info out there for the shooter, lots of good factory match ammo if you don't reload, etc. It makes sense to offer your product to the most commonly used caliber for long range shooting. I don't think this is necessarily being targeted to the custom bench rest crowd. Also keep in mind the reviewers said they are/were military and police snipers and you can see why they were using .308.

Looks like they offer it in .300wm, .338lapua, and .223. Pretty much because they're using accuracy international mags, I imagine.

Nice review and interesting chassis, OP. The only thing I think I wouldn't like is the funky stock. I'm sure it works well and has lots of adjustability, but it looks like it could get in the way or snag if you're moving around. I guess folding would help.
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