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Great start on a restoration

Boat Monkey

Looks great. I agree about the blued effect. It's a personal preference but they just don't look the same to me.

Great looking photos. I nave a couple of SONY Cameras. A Sony DSLR A200, with about 3 different telephoto and wide angle lens that I use for outside stuff mostly. It has some great software that came with it for editing pictures.

I more often use a really old Cyber Shot 3.2 Mega Pixels for most of my gun photos. It's an antique and one of these days I'm going to up grade to a more modern shooter. But it's just too simple and quick to replace.

I'm still using Microsoft Picture it 9 from 2004. Real simple to use. It allows an auto level fix for brightness and contrast or has a slide bar adjust capability so you can chose your own levels. It also does cropping and allows a black and wide conversion of a photograph. I found long ago that a black and white photo is better for reading proof marks on weapons. So I tend to go that route.

If you want a real Ugly Betty Photo with a close up picture of a weapon that will show every scratch mark or imperfection on the surface of an antique put it on a flat bed scanner. The image is then of course scanned into your computer and you can edit it. Also great for reading a manufacturers address.

I also use Photobucket to resize my photos. The biggest I go is with Large. Other wise the photo just over wealms a standard forum frame and it too big to be seen by a viewer. The text also winds up way out there over to the right.

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