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Powderman OK. Let me do a quick recap...

1. Did anyone miss the post that I made earlier, where I mentioned that I had seen one of the units in use, fired, and reconverted to a pistol in front of Special Agents from the DEA and ATFE?
We didn't miss anything because that is not what you wrote in your earlier post. You failed to mention that the firearm was "reconverted" to a pistol.....only that a MechTech was fired in front of everyone but the Vatican Swiss Guard.

2. Second, the guy I talked to is from ATF Enforcement. In other words, he's one of the guys you would talk to if you DID make an SBR illegally.
Wrong department.

3. I must point out that some of you guys have been wearing the tinfoil hats WAY too long. MechTech has been selling these units for a LONG time. Not only on line, but through other venues as well. They HAVE contacted--and have been contacted--by ATF who gave the OK to sell the units, as they are termed as ACCESSORIES. Do you think that a company would risk financial ruin and criminal charges by selling something that would be illegal OPENLY?
One more time..........NO ONE has stated that the MechTech unit is illegal. You keep bringing this up but find one post where anyone said a MechTec is illegal. What IS illegal is converting a MechTech rifle back to a pistol without having an ATF tax stamp. Your undying love of MechTech is commendable..........but note that even MechTec does not address the legality of converting their rifle back to a pistol. And there is a reason for their failure to do so. Why don't you call MechTec and ask them why they dance around that question? Their answer (or failure to answer) may surprise you.

By the way, if you want to call these guys a fly-by-night operation, one of the companies that carried their units for many years was BROWNELL'S. Is Brownell's a fly by night company?
Stop. No one called anyone a "fly by night operation".

In closing, a challenge...Go ahead, someone, and post an official letter from ATF stating that the conversion cannot be removed, and the pistol reassembled.
Well.........there's one letter.

One other thing...since some of you are so paranoid that you seem to be wrapped in tinfoil. On Monday, I believe I will call the ATF Compliance Office in Atlanta, GA--the main office for compliance matters, and get the word ONE MORE TIME. I may or may not post it here.
One more time.......what ATF tells you on the phone doesn't mean squat. If you can't get it in writing it is worthless blather. It's not that I don't trust you would accurately report their's that the folks that answer the phone.........they aren't the ones who are authorized to state official ATF interpretations. To get a determination you have to submit your question in writing.
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