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PTK dogtown tom,

Nicely done emphasis. Hopefully anyone reading this thread in the future will be well aware what a verbal opinion is worth, especially in the light of the fact that even the WRITTEN opinions constantly conflict.
How true.
I'm a fan of the Browning Hi Power. One of my favorites is a WWII era Inglis Hi Power made in Canada. It has a tangent rear sight and a slot cut in the backstrap for a detachable stock/holster.

ATF has exempted these particular HP's from the NFA when the stock is attached due to their status as a collectible firearm. The stock/holster attached to another Hi Power would result in a SBR.

ATF Technical Branch has issued at least two letters regarding the type of stock/holsters that may be used with the Inglis MkI Hi Power.....the first letter issued in 1991 said reproduction stocks "which duplicate or closely approximate the configuration of the original stock" were perfectly fine and did not require a tax stamp:

A few years later ATF TB issued another letter where it stated only "original" stock/holsters were NFA exempt. So much for anyone who owned a copy.

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