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no i was insuating that not every one is a uptight teeth grinding gun owner . I live in a very lax , low crime terrorist hating buy in the usa only area . nfa items with out papers is illegal , so is speeding , tweaking your taxes , maybe a lil puff puff , last but not least , not using your turn signal . If a person here was too have such items most law enforcment in this area would be the first to want to shoot . Most do not know enough about the nfa items to do anything nor do they care . I just cant get over how up tight you folks get on this site when talking about such items , most of you act like pure talking about it it a fed crime . Its the internet ! Yea I have 4 sets of 100th anniversary colt 1911 and 2 crates full of uzis and i carry a colt python every where i go . You have no means to prove different . If the feds read such post as this then be my guest to search my home , i promise it would be a waste of time . You dont have to worry about the guy braggin about somthing. You need to worry about the guy buy 100lbs of A.N to make anfo and linked ammo. No one here is talking or asking HOW to convert INTO . This use to be a good site but I think the liberals are taking over sometimes . Most of us love our 2nd but I can also exercise my 1st . My o.p was if i were to buy such items could they be converted into semi and avoid paper work or paranoia . I take my lil taurus every where , do i have a carry permit ? hell no , dont want one . do i conceal when i go into wally world ? yes , its under the seat , oh wait thats a no no maybe i should not talk about it . do i tell the l.eo when i get pulled or go thru a check points ? yes , i call them by their first name and tell them it loaded and ready , do they care or ask my permit ? no . My point was that if i could get such items for way way under market price then why not ? convert to semi and go play ? Not every one here cares about gun values or getting a loan for ammo to fire in full auto. If it shoots and it pisses off the liberals then i love it .
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