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Don whether it is or isnt "as left the factory" it is one beautiful gun. Ok first off look at where the barrel attactes to the reciever on top. On the top of the reciever at the junction with the barrel, is there a small oval with a w and a p intertwined. Also now look at the barrel where it joins the reciever, is there the same small oval with the same w and p intertwined on the left side of the rib at the junction of the reciever? Next look at the pistol grip cap, is is metal or plastic and does it have any writing on it? Lastly for now what is the serial number range. Dont give the entire number, x out the last 3 digitis as this will keep it anomimus. Example, intstead of 22334455 instead use 22334xxx. This will still give us the year of manufacture without advertising your guns serial number to the entire net.
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