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not sayin i would ever do such a thing , just way to bypass and under the radar type thing . One of my 'look up to' friends , old mercruiser mechanic may have some toys left over from the good ol days . sure i could buy from cheap . some things you just dont ask too much about till the time is right . I know many of you live in places where you can not shoot out your bathroom window but i do . We have many many friends in law enforcement who could careless what you have and want to know when they can play with it . I live in a very gun friendly area . 'and yes i have plinked while plunking on my throne . lmfao . its fun you should try it some time .also not sayin i do have anything but if i did . when you set off 5lbs of tannerite and no one batts an eye you live in a good place
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