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The Shop

So, I've spent quite a bit of time today perusing everyone's reloading areas, thanks for reviving this thread. As you'll no doubt see from the pictures I've got entirely too much stuff in this little area, unfortunately it's a small house with no usable basement and no garage so there's not much room anywhere. For my workshop, we put up a shed (10'x12' if memory serves) which I wired, insulated and installed the propane heater in. Worked great until we started accumulating things like lawn tractor, snowblower, generator, etc. then it got a little cluttered. This is all the room I have left.

Here's a close up of the actual bench:

Re-purposed sink cabinet with bench top where both my tumbler reside:

Re-purposed dishwasher which makes an excellent chemical storage cabinet:

Reloading equipment:
2 RCBS Rockchucker presses (1 shown), 1 Lyman All American Turret Press, 1 Ponsness/Warren 800 Convertible press, 1 Mec press 20ga (not shown), and at least 2 of everything else. My wife calls me a pack rat.
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