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Mag Wheel Man

Good post on the considerations involved even before putting a screw driver to a grip screw on an antique. Great details on the process and some warning signs to look for during the process.

When I get a new acquisition in, I usually have a schematic and parts listing on hand... plus any available information about the disassembly and even more important the reassembly. In short I do a complete study of the piece.

The old guns have to be handled with kid gloves. In some cases at least latex ones. On some of the older stuff circa 1865 or prior. I usually prep the screws first with some cleaning and in several cases do some soaking. It takes a lot of preparation, patience and a Slowhand in doing this sort of thing.

When it comes to screws depending on the size and length, I like to hand turn them slowly on the way out as soon as they are loose enough and I start them by hand putting them back in.

Have a nice day.

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