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I am 5'10", about 225. I carry everyday, all the time. Where and how I carry depends on what I am wearing, the particular gun and the weather. If it is warm and I am in shorts, I carry a Walther PPK in a horizontal shoulder rig over a t shirt but under a Hawaiian or short sleeved dress shirt. If it is cooler I carry said Walther either the same or in an ankle holster, (it takes a little getting used to with cowboy boots). If I am wearing a sport coat or my suit (all of my dress clothes are tailored to cover firearms) I either wear the Walther in said shoulder rig, or a Gov. Model in 38 Super in a vertical rig. I have even been know to tuck the Walther into my pocket while wearing slacks. As the old saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way.
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