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Thanks for the interest. I dont know if BCPD has a similar program. The program I described was intituted in New York City, where at the time there was around 40,000 sworn officers between the departments. I do know that these statistics, and soloutions were shared with some surrounding departments, and offered to any department interested. Most tactical, and firearms related issues are dealt with by the PAFTS (police academy firearms and tactics section) The PAFTS as well as the NYPD has always offered training to any department willing to ask.

Many police departments dont use officers dressed in soft clothing for this reason. Some require plain clothes officers to wear their shield even in civilian clothes. Some require officers such as detectives, and other investigators who would normally would wear civilian clothes to wear their uniforms. I do notice that plain clothed officers in my adopted state of Florida tend to wear their firearms openly, while displaying their shield. Although I dont understand the reason other than to prevent friendly fire tragedies, the officers here who in other local's would be wearing plain clothes wear ATAS, ninja, high CDI factor uniforms,and equipment. Live n learn.(me)

Booker I'm sorry for rambling but your local PD probably wont share any information reguarding the steps they take for Officer ID. IMO it's better they come up with something. Better than abandoning a very effective method of patrol.

Glenn Dee

SIDE BAR:.... I'd bet most people dont know that wearing your firearm in a holster helps police see you as a possible good guy.
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