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We shoot plastic army soldiers, bag of 48 is $1 at our local dollar store. 10 yards is fairly easy after your dialed in; at 25 yards these guys get tough!!

Multiple colors (green, brown, grey, etc.) give each of us a "team". Game is to take out enemy army before opponent; every player gets same number of shots per round.

We even made "battle fields" by drilling shallow 3/4" holes in wood, then filing holes with non-hardening modeling clay (about $3). Soldiers get wedged into the clay to hold them steady.

A little camo spray paint and the whole thing looks great through a scope.

Great for target acquisition practice in addition to marksmanship training.

A 2" soldier is a 1:36 replica; multiply shooting distance by 36 to get a rough idea of the simulated range (75 feet x 36 = 2700 ft, 900 yards!!!)
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