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BIG... I use Hornady Round Balls

& a very small amount of trail boss to start with for test out loads for all my revolvers of this era in 32 S&W ( I might shoot 25 or so rounds like this through a gun to test for function )... then I have a load with a pinch more powder & the round balls, that shoot quite accurately so far in all guns that functioned well with the lighter load... then I move up to these bullets, if I want a bit more umph...

...& if I remember right, the same amount of powder used in the hotter round ball load for the starting bullet load... then for only guns that I want to carry ( yes, I'm a bit excentric, I do on occasion CCW one of my 32's... a long ago shortened barrel S&W spur trigger single action ) I have a hotter bullet load still using Trailboss that closely mimics the factory ammo...

so... I actually only shoot factory level handloads in one or two of my 32's the just lighter bullet load is the load that shoots 2" - 30ft groups in my Safety Police DAO snubbie, but the round balls are also quite accurate as well

it's too bad there isn't someone out there doing commercial reloading, that could do up some of these lighter loads, because ( for example ) Mrs. Magnum really enjoys shooting these old guns as well, & the light loads are not much louder than a cap gun, & with little to no recoil, they are a blast to shoot ( I maybe should get another couple 100 cases, as I reload 300 at a time, & during nice weather, sometimes I can barely keep enough loaded )
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