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The place where I go shooting, there is a lot of bottle, cans, small boxes and what not to shoot at.

Basically Shooting Horse w/ pistols. Two or more players. First shooter pics a target to shoot at and everybody shoots at it. Whoever hits gets a point, whoever doesnt hit gets no point. If all hit all get a point, no hits no points. If the shooter who picks the target and hits it in the round, that shooter can re-shoot the same or pick another for the next round. If the shooter who pics the target for the round misses the target and all others miss, the shooter can re-shoot at the same or pick another. If the beginning shooter picks a target for a round and misses and the next shooter in line hits hits, regardless if the shooters after he/she hits. That shooter gets to pick the next target. The games ends at whatever predetermined amount of points the shooters agree on.

Sorry if my explanation is hard to understand, I do apologize. But, the game is really fun. Also, it is a shooting game that can take some skill to master and helps to build skill too. It is a game that makes you slow down and take you time while shooting your pistol. Where I shoot, distances range from 10 to 75 yards. It really makes you take in and use/exercise the fundamentals of shooting a pistol.
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