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position cock/hammer to half cock.

remove screw, insert two small flat tip screw drivers at 3 & 9 oclock position.
gently pry with equal force.

place cock/hammer in a vise with soft metal jaws to prevent marring surface.

you may have to make two adjustments. left to right & up & down.

as you view the hammer from the firing position the cock/hammer heeds to be centered on the nipple also as you view the hammer from the side the hammer face or cup needs to be centered on the nipple when in the fired position.

heat to cherry red make one adjustment check alignment then check at fired postiton if needed remove and heat again to make the last adjustment.

recheck both alignments then polish hammer stem/neck to remove any scale from the annealing, reheat to cherry red immerse into oil. polish again.
this time lightly coat with oil place onto a tin coffee can bottom held by pliers heat lightly until oil ignites then remove and let air dry.

or you can forgo the oil and heat till you see a light straw color come over the metal.

now the hammer is hard but flexiable enough not to break upon impact.

good luck.........

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