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i think in all honesty, it would be fairly simple to distinguish yourself as a "good guy" in a hostile situation. do as you are asked, keep your motions slow (while dropping your weapon if drawn), keep your hands visible. then sort the "sorry's/thanks" after it has calmed down.
boredom, while what you say sounds great, it wouldn't apply in this particular situation at all. The fight outside the club involved dozens of people, and the plainclothes was being overcome. From initial reports and accounts, he started to draw his weapon and likely wasn't even aware that uniformed units were on the scene. He was likely dressed in a manner as to fit in with the crowd, mostly "urban" wear.
From the witnesses quoted in the article, it seems like the plain clothed officer for some reason (fearing for his safety or because he thought someone in the crowd was trying to take his gun) fired at someone in the crowd.

The uniformed officers were just arriving and see a man in civilian clothes fire at the crowd, and react by drawing and shooting him.

Not really sure how you could go about completely eliminating this type of incident but maybe if departments issued those safety sash things. Forget what they're called, but look like the sashes beauty pagent contestants were, only they say Police, or Security or something like that.
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