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Traditions Vortex Pistol First Hunt

I too have a P-1521 pistol.
It's realy fun to shoot I'm a newbee to muzzel loaders.
I sighted it in at 25 yards two inch bulls about every time.
Now I'm ready to hunt deer in Michigan late doe season.

This is the short version.
I used 1 pellet of triple 7 magnum and a 44 Hornady sabot.
I shot a doe at 23 yards out of my bow stand.
The deer was quartering away. The deer ran away and I thought I missed.
Good thing we had snow. I found the deer about 300 yard away. I was a double lung shot the bullet did not pass through it broke one rib going in an logged between the rib and the skin on the othe side. The hornady .44 xtp hardly looked damaged nothing like the mushroom I get out of my .44 Mag.

I called Tradions and they recommeded I using 60 grain of triple seven fffg loose powder.

I'm going to do a penitration test before next season.

Any other suggestion out there?
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