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I actually dealt with this gun on gunbroker and over on THR.

He bought a H&R 922 from me on GB (his payment was very slow and his C&R ffl was unreadable and he gave me flak when I required he send me one that I could read) then about a month later tried to flip it for way more than what he purchased it from (he didn't have many takers).

I offered to buy it back for what he paid (including shipping) and he flipped on me and tired to claim a bunch of falsities about me and the gun.

Needless to say I will not do business with him in the future.

to the OP... I can forward you his C&R number and feel free to contact the BATF about this (since he is a C&R ffl holder I am sure the BATF would be happy to hear your information).

as a side note, he is no longer a registered member over on GB (he got kicked off).
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