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Hello boredom,,,

i think in all honesty, it would be fairly simple to distinguish yourself as a "good guy" in a hostile situation. do as you are asked, keep your motions slow (while dropping your weapon if drawn), keep your hands visible. then sort the "sorry's/thanks" after it has calmed down.
I don't want to get into an LEO bashing thing here,,,
But too many (when seeing an armed person) will shoot first and ask questions later.

This scenario is a great argument against the "sheepdog" role,,,
That so many licensed carriers say they would adopt.

My friend, I have no idea exactly what I would do if I was ever in an active shooter scenario,,,
Even though I have given considerable though to the topic since I started carrying,,,
I do know that when the police show up, the last thing I want is a gun in my hand.

I can pretty much guarantee they will open fire on any person with a gun they see,,,
At least that's the fear I have and it's based on personal experience.

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