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Plainclothes/Concealed Carry: Worst Possible Outcome

There's been a lot of discussion on this topic; if you're carrying, how do you distinguish yourself from the bad guys? How do you identify yourself as a victim or as a LEO rather than a criminal? Sunday night a plainclothes Baltimore narcotics officer was shot dead, apparently by fellow Baltimore Police, while responding to a large altercation outside a nightclub. A 22-year-old civilian football player was also killed by gunfire.

"Slain officer overwhelmed by crowd, police fired as he lay on ground. Police say 41 shots fired in incident outside club Sunday."

Full story in the Baltimore sun.,4108960.story

Photos from the crimescene (no gore).

Really tragic.

So some may respond that they avoid bars and nightclubs just for that reason, or that as soon as there was any issue it's time to leave, or whatever else. Okay, got it. But what about once you're in it and don't have that option? What about other places where fights and misunderstandings can occur?

It will be interesting to see how the investigation unfolds, to determine who shot who and what the responding officers' reasons for drawing and discharging (seemingly) into the crowd could have been.
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