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Honestly BIG... I wouldn't shoot "factory" ammo in the "lower end" guns ( like the Ivers, H&A's, H&R's ) ( & yes, I do collect an aweful lot of those interesting guns ) the S&W's in good shape I don't have a problem saying they can shoot "factory" ammo... but all my "lower end" guns start with impulse power handloads with soft lead round balls, just to test for function... then if I feel the gun is solid & functional enough I move up to loads that equal "factory" loads...

you may think that you only have $25.00 into the gun, but IMO, it's not worth breaking or damaging a 100+ year old gun, no matter if you got a great deal on it or not...

BTW... I don't have an Iver that I'll shoot factory level ammo in ( I load about 3-4 load levels, & I do have Ivers that I shoot bullets in, just not factory level loads )
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