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I tinker around and do some basic restoration

Boat Monkey

That is one heck of a description of the restoration work and repair of an old relic.

I tinker around with these old guns and many of the others I own... but when in comes to some of the machine shop work I see and read about some people doing on these forums... my hats off to them. If I can't do it with a dremel, a hack saw, a jewelers file, a pair of pliers,or some other hand tool while it's locked in a small suction cup vise stuck on a table or counter top it's out of here and off to the professionals.

I sold the big house years ago when he kids grew up and moved out to live happily ever after on their own space on the planet. I bought a small house with no work shop or garage. The den and the guest room do catch a lot of stuff though.

I use Renaissance Wax on my non shooters. It's expensive stuff and a good auto wax would probably be just as good. CRC Fogging Oil sounds like some serious stuff.
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