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I also have my great grandmothers saftey hammerless but its in .38 s&w . it was plated at one time and in very very very poor condition . I did a complete tear down and strip and found some home brew springs and some springs missing . It has got to be one of thee most difficult restorations i have done . I have resorted to makeing some springs , right now im hung up trying to repair the ejector cam and the trigger return spring . the trigger spring looks nothing like a spring but a tension plate , i have fashioned one out of a old feeler gauge , several failures . who knew a old relic would have to be so precise and finicky . Ihave gone back with a blue finish and plan to post some pictures when done and do some test fires . On a side note : any of my girl that i dont plan to shoot or wont for a while I use a bit of crc fogging oil , 'same i use on my customers marine engine for storage' . It has a parffin based wax as well as other great oils and lubes . its very heavy so i spray little as possible and while the gun is still apart and blow the excess out with shop air . even if the oil dries out the very very thin layer of wax is left over. I have never had a issue using this method
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