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ya... I collect alot of different fire arms... ( my wife & I inherited her dad's collection, which I've managed to keep intact & build on ) so most would say we have a pretty extensive collection... on these guns, I try not do do more than remove side covers ( if they have them ), grips, & clean everything out & re-oil moving parts, personally, but I do have a retired buddy that's quite capable of "normal" repairs if needed... I may polish up nickel ( by hand, with some Flitz ) if that looks like it will improve the look some, I've been known to upgrade grips as I come across those ( I've bought antique S&W mediallion mother of Pearl grips in terrific shape, as well as a nice set of old S&W "red" grips, for a couple nice S&W's with more heavily worn standard grips )

I do shoot nearly all of mine... I have soft lead round ball loads in both 32 & 38 S&W, that I load with "impulse power" charges of Trail Boss, as well as light cast bullets I load with heavier charges for guns that prove themselves capable... I buy Aquila Colibri 22 ammo ( use light bullets & only priming compound ) for shooting black powder 22 revolvers... I also found a newer manufactured box of 32 short Rim Fire ( Navy Arms ) for my 32 Rim Fire guns ( though my S&W tip up had the hinge pin replaced & tightened, so I haven't been in a hurry to shoot that one... yet )...

I also had my local builder buddy make me a set of rifled chamber inserts for an old Hopkins & Allen spur trigger that looked unfired, but was chambered in 30 Rim Fire, out of a chunk of 22 barrel, so I could shoot that one as well with the colibris

I'm not wearing out any of them really, but like to have all of mine as functional guns, or to me, they could just be old paperweights...

I have one, an old Hopkins & Allen Safety Police factory snubbie DAO in 32 S&W, that easily shoots 2" groups at 30ft with one of my handloads ( that is really great, considering I'm shooting the gun, & I can't do much better with guns over 100 years newer )

they are pretty easy to collect, because of all the variations, & the normally low cost ( when compared to the bigger bore of this era )

I also have a couple of unusual, ( but not of particularly high value ) that I'm going to send to Ford's refinishing... one or two to re-nickel, & a couple to master blue
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