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Magnum Wheel Man

3 Dozen I thought I was nuts. I have been collecting various types of firearms for a few decades my self. I have 8 Modern Cartridge Revolvers or Semi-automatics. 16 Black powder cap and balls (C&Bs) and so far have only picked up 6 revolvers from the 1865 to Pre-1899 Part of my collection.


Of course they are cleaner when they come out of the bags. The actions of most have improved but that depends on what shape they are in when I get them and just how far I go on a disassembly.

With the none shooters (Originals prior to 1899) it's safer or wiser to just do a basic cleaning on the exterior parts, like cylinders, barrels and exposed base, main pins or arbors. Then pop the grips off and the trigger guards. Just clean and oil the exposed internal parts. Removing excess fluids like Ballistol by swabs or compressed air. That's just my 2 cents on the subject.

Some of these Old Gals are not for the unwary traveller or those faint of heart when it comes to tinkering around with them. Those little S&Ws are like micro surgery. Plus some rather expensive tools are required to do the job.

The Colt Thunderer has a well earned reputation for being easily broken and complex in construction. Several Gun Smiths have bought them from customers, corrected a misplaced spring or something and resold them.

I have to give the same tip of the hat to the Colt Patersons. Those little gals are more like time pieces of that era rather than a black powder weapon. Loads of extra parts that got discarded in the later production of the Walkers, Dragoons, Colt Army and Navy Revolvers.

But it's all in good "fun".
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