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top breaks are cool... I started collecting back powder cartridge era pocket guns a year & a half or so, & have about 3 dozen different brands, models, configurations, & chamberings

my guns range from 22, 30 Rim Fire, 32 S&W & 32 Rim Fire, & 38 S&W... some are solid frames, some are spur trigger single actions, & some are double action & DAO guns...

one of the things I find interesting, is all the inovation that happened during this time frame & all the different varieties out there... of the early Ivers, I really like the trigger safeties... Glocks got nothing on the 125 year old Ivers

this is one example I bought quite a while ago... an Iver Johnson "bicycle gun" ( original snubbie ) DAO in 32 S&W with the trigger safety...

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