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I get a floor jack and prop it up on cinder blocks just below my waist-line and then put a 4x4 on the jack. My wife works the jack while the 4x4 lifts my belly fat and I quickly stick my .44 mag w/ 8 inch barrel agaist my groin and quickly (as quick as I can) step back and the flab then hides the gun very well.
^Funniest thing I've read all day.^

I've been quickly gaining weight over the past six months -- haven't worked out since the summer. Rgh.

Anyway, I'm quite an advocate of the Belly Band holster. Super comfortable, works in numerous different configurations, cheap, and functional. Can't beat 'em. Some carry extra mags, too.
"The CZ75 is´╗┐ made of win and longcats."--anonymous youtube comment
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