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Just adding to the collection

Thanks for the comments. Today, I learned that she is a 1st Model, made in 1894 in the second batch for that year. With a single post barrel latch. Forums like this one are great sources of information.

That came from W. E. Goforth who wrote a book ""Iver Johnson's Arms and Cycle Works Handguns 1871-1878". Mr. Goforth should know He a noted expert on these little guns. I spent $40.00 on his book. I went for the paperback. The collectible or hard back was $250. About $50.00 less than what I paid for this Iver Johnson.

I went on a little shopping spree during X-Mas and added a few things to my collection for that period (1865-1899). Several of these are still in the clean, bag and soak phase of things. I use Ballistol, Rem-Oil, WD-40 and CLP for different aspects. I have a S&W 32 cal, Double Action, 2nd Model from 1880 coming later this week. I'm interested in comparing it with the Iver Johnson.

I have no desire to restore them to an original shape by rebuilding parts, making replacement parts or drastically altering by polishing or refinishing. The idea is to preserve the historical and aesthetitic value. So let’s say I’m rather careful.

A lot of patience and a slowhand go a long way.

Again ....Thanks for the comments.

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