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first is Serial J7902** and the second is 429***.
J7902xx = 1981
429xxx = ~1965

I think it's a S&W model 3, 38 S&W cal. Serial 291xx
You have a .38 Safety Hammerless 2nd. Model.
Serial numbers ran from 5251 in 1887 to 42483 in 1890.

Serial Number is 775763, and also has an S and a V stamped on the bottom.
It's a 38 Military & Police "Victory" model made late 1944 to very early 1945. The V stood for victory and the S for the new hammer block started in Dec 1944 at SN SV769001.
The caliber could be 38 special or 38 S&W. The 38 S&W chambered guns were sent to Europe for the British Military.

on the base of the handle it has AEP1631.

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