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Iver Johnson Revolver

I just added an Iver Johnson Safety Automatic to my collection.. I bought it as an antique made prior to 1899.

From my research I figure she is a second model, smokeless black powder. With a double top post barrel latch, flat leaf hammer spring and two cross pins in the lower frame, cylinder "free-wheeling" when at rest, plus the Owl is looking towards the muzzle end of the barrel.

Barrel length: 3 inches. 5 rounds cylinder capacity, Frame length: small frame 4 3/26 inches. The cylinder measures out at 0.93 of an inch and the chambers are 0.3350 inch in width. So it’s a .32 caliber.

The address on the barrel reads:

PATD APR 6 80 FEB15 87 MAY 10 87 DEC 20 93 PAT’S PENDING

There are two sets of numbers on this gun.

Underneath the grip on the left side is the number 37. There are no serial number prefix letters or other numbers there.

On the back of the top break barrel, underneath the base pin is the number 47.

The previous owner said that he shot it about once a month. I don’t plan on that. It has been in a plastic bag since Friday soaking to get cleaned up.

I’m of course looking for more information. Such as a parts listing, a schematic regarding disassembly. There’s of course no Owner’s Manual or PDF file available for these Old Gals. So I’m winging it here.

Not a top of the line piece but like several of my other recent additions Iver Johnson revolvers have a place in American History worthy of note.
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