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No problem for me.

I called last Thursday was on hold for a while but they finally answered. I then had to call the store (different number) got an answering machine left my number and was called back Friday.

Went to store (range) today to shoot and the place was slammed all 10 lanes were full along with two of reactive lanes was busy, with a waiting list of about 8 shooters. All the counters were full and no parking places to be found.
It was not this busy the week before Christmas but the gun show is down town Lexington today and I am guessing it is bringing in a lot of out of towners.

They sell a large number of firearms on line and they don't have to staff to personally speak to each person they sell to. And if they did they would not be able to sell with the small markup they have. The prices in the store are higher than on line and it is to support the sales staff.

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