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Probably the only way you can get a state senator or Rep to ask the AG for an opinion is to sit down face to face with them and explain why silencers should be allowed to be owned in Michigan. Make you legislator believe in silencer ownership, and he or she may write a detailed and accurate request to the AG for an opinion on the matter.

You will need to prove to your legislator that there are very few documented silencer crimes in Michigan and the USA as a whole. I did this by writing to every sheriff's office in my state. Most of them came through with data or relative knowledge of experienced officers. You will also need to demonstrate the capabilites and limitations of silencers; for example they greatly reduce noise and protect hearing, but do not make a gun silent. A video is a good way to do this. Of course you will have to obtain footage shot legally in another state like WI. I used footage I shot for my DVD when I was on vacation in Vegas.

Get the title 2 firearm dealers and manufacturers on your side. They are the industry experts, if they are talking to the legislators, it should make an impression.

E-mails suck, letters are much better, phone calls make a good impression, but face to face meetings are the best. You need money and grass roots support; simple words but hard to get. I have spent 3 years and over $3000 (postage, plane tickets, DVD-R's, phone calls, time off from work) of my own money so far trying to get the ban on silencer use in WA overturned. I might be successful this year.

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